Sidewinder Hoseroller

    • Sidewinder Hoseroller
      Firefighting is dirty, dangerous, back-breaking work. After an aggressive attack on a fire, personnel are often exhausted and fatigued. It is not uncommon for the worst injuries to occur during the overhaul and clean-up stages of a fire. The adrenaline is exhausted but the need for heavy lifting is not, including picking up and storing fire hose.

    • The Sidewinder Hoseroller is your answer for the safety of your team.  It is a light weight stainless steel and aluminum tool that is designed to be mounted on fire apparatus for use at a fire scene and then back at the station after the hose has been washed and dried. The fold-up design allows for it to be easily stored and transported on apparatus when not in use. It is useful on hose diameters up to 4" and takes less than 20 seconds to roll up a 50’ section of hose. From a standing position, the hand crank makes for easy handling of the hose when it is wet or dry. The Sidewinder Hoseroller has been field tested by both forestry and municipal firefighters under the most adverse conditions.

      • Weight 19.2 lbs. (8.72 kg)
      • Length 18", height 29", width 16" when in open position; 6.5"x16.5"x32" when folded
      • Rolls up to 3" hose in lengths of 100'
      • With mounting and hitch brackets

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