Opportunity For All


We’re Expanding Employment Opportunities For Our Neurodiverse Community Members


In 2021, Phenix Technology, Inc. launched our Opportunity for All designed around creating opportunities for those who faced the most significant barriers to employment. Through a partnership with Exceed Community Integrated Services we identified the first participant in our work study program. A program designed around providing on the job training and experience for members of our community with intellectual and physical disabilities. With a special targeted focus on the neurodiverse population, we sought to eliminate those barriers and create hope. In the two years since its inception, we have developed a one-of-a-kind program that coordinates public and private partnerships to maximize the potential of many adults that previously were disregarded.

In the process we offered full time opportunities to numerous rock stars and transferable job skills and renewed faith in society to many others. We built a genuinely diverse workforce that is centered around love, kindness, and a vision of changing the world.

We are grateful to our many partners including The State of California Department of Rehabilitation, the Riverside County Workforce Development Office, numerous integrated services companies, employers, and everyone who believed in our mission. Together we are helping to make social mobility a reality for everyone.

 For more information please email learn@phenixfirehelmets.com



Our Commitment:

  • Collaborate with our partners, to market and promote the hiring of neurodiverse candidates and to help continue expanding the program within our network.
  • Assist with the dissemination of information, tools and resources developed by the Department of Rehabilitation and their partners in our network.
  • To develop a comprehensive neurodiversity training program to educate employees and management about neurodiversity at work, that will create a more inclusive culture to ensure all family members can thrive.
  • Amend company policies to offer support for the recruitment and retention of neurodiverse candidates.
  • Develop an effective “Work Based Learning” apprenticeship program that will allow neurodiverse candidates to develop skills needed for adult workforce success including:
  • Create programs that provide the opportunity to strengthen seven key soft skill areas - communication, mindset, teamwork, networking, public speaking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism.
  • Expose neurodiverse candidates to a variety of business disciplines including assembly, inventory, quality control, and basic computer skills with a focus on Lean manufacturing.
  • Generate detailed assessments of the candidates skills, interests, and support needs at the worksite.
  • Participate actively in working groups and leadership forums as requested.


    The Opportunity for All program was created with five elements in mind:

    • Targeted hiring of neurodiverse candidates and others with intellectual and physical disabilities.
    • Creation of an effective work study program that recognizes the unique learning styles and needs of participants and ensures full work readiness for a variety of industries.
    • Work with partners to develop a world class employer training program that embraces neurodiverse candidates and traditional workforces to work together harmoniously.
    • Work to identify other employers willing to open their doors to those with physical and intellectual disabilities. This includes working to help onboard their new members and help them navigate through the potential incentives and programs that can aid in hiring of neurodiverse candidates.
    • Advocate at the local, regional, state and federal level to encourage legislators to provide additional funding and programs to help enhance our modern workforce through more diverse hiring practices.

    Interested employers and attendees can contact Phenix at learn@phenixfirehelmets.com