National Safety Month @ Phenix

National Safety Month @ Phenix

Pictured from left to right: Pablo, Jenny, Sheri, Jessica

June is National Safety Month - learn more about how Phenix's Safety Team works to keep our workplace safe!

Who is on the Safety Team at Phenix?

The Safety Team at Phenix is a volunteer team with members from different departments at Phenix! We rotate our team on a yearly basis to allow for new members to participate. 

What does the Safety Team at Phenix do?

The Safety Team performs a monthly inspection of: all fire extinguishers, electrical outlets, trip hazards, chemical storage/safety, and any other potential safety issues. Once they conduct an inspection, they compile a report to present to our leadership team so the appropriate steps can be taken to rectify any issues. The Safety Team also meets twice a month to discuss previous inspections, any observations made throughout the month, and future planning. 

What accomplishments has the Safety Team made? 

The Safety Team has excelled at identifying many potential safety hazards at Phenix! They coordinated and developed a thorough evacuation map and trained the whole Phenix family on what to do in case of emergency, made sure ALL of our chemicals had the proper safety identification added to them, ensured that emergency lighting was readily available in case of emergency, and is working on conducting a fire and earthquake drill. 

Why is having a Safety Team so important?

Sheri Mundt, the Phenix Safety Team Lead, says, "Having a safety team not only highlights safety for the employees but all visitors. Once people start recognizing how important it is to be safe at work and their surroundings, it is something that they just start doing as part of their everyday walk of life."

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