2022 Annual Picnic

2022 Annual Picnic

Phenix Technology, Inc. hosted our very first, annual company picnic on Saturday, October 22, 2022. The Phenix Family invited their loved ones to join together for a day of team building, good food, and beautiful weather. 

We all started by enjoying fabulous meal together prepared by local restaurant Tacos El Cacheton

The Phenix Family invited our friends and family to participate in a game of survivor. All attendees were split into four teams: red, orange, yellow, and white. Teams then came up with a tribe name and decorated their flags. 







The four teams were then put to the test in an obstacle relay race that would see which team could truly outwit, outplay, and outlast all the others. 

 The four teams each had to completed a series of challenges in order to win. The teams would decide amongst themselves who on their teams would be the best to complete each challenge and give them a competitive edge. The only other rule was that they must carry their team flag with them and pass it off to the next person who would be completing a challenge. If they failed to do a task with the flag, they would have to redo that task. The first challenge was lawn pong. Contestants were given a tennis ball that they had to sink into a bucket. The second challenge was a wooden puzzle that they had to fit together perfectly onto a tray. The third challenge was balloon pop! The contestants had to stomp and pop balloons in a row. The next challenge was a 4-legged race. 4 team members had to chain their legs together and serpentine through a series of cones before making their way towards the final challenge: the slide. 

Once the contestants had completed all of the previous challenges, their chosen team member would slide down the slide and then they would run as a group towards the finish line. The entire team, with their team flag, had to cross the finish line in order to win. 

It was a photo finish race between the Smashing Pumpkins and the Thunder Cats, but ultimately, the Smashing Pumpkins won the race. 

After the intense competition, everyone was able to cool off with a visit from our local Tikiz truck where guests were able to enjoy a snow cone or ice cream of their choice. 


We ended off the day enjoying lawn games and interacting with everyone's loved ones. 



 We can't wait to do it all again next year!

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