Museum Spotlight | Shaun Russell's Helmet

Museum Spotlight | Shaun Russell's Helmet

Shaun Russell's First Due helmet

This helmet belongs to Shaun Russell, son of our Founder Ray Russell and one of our production technicians. Shaun first started the explorer program in 1992 with the RivCo post 413 after being inspired by his father and grandfather.

Shaun has over 20 years of active fire experience. The only gap in his experience was when he left to join the army for 4 years. When he retired from the army, he transitioned into working at Phenix with a fresh sense of respect, discipline, and humility.

He continued to work at Phenix and serve in the service before officially retiring in 2013. Throughout Shaun's entire career in the service, he was proud to wear the helmet his father had so passionately designed over 50 years ago, the First Due. This specific helmet was in service for 6 years before being proudly put on display as a part of Phenix history.

Thank you Shaun not only for your service to this country and your community but for all the knowledge and experience you bring to us.

This is one of the many helmets featured in our fire museum. Feel free to stop by in visit us if you are ever in Riverside, CA!


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Our museum is free and open to the public! As a manufacturer of personal protective equipment for first responders, we are proud to display the largest collection of fire service memorabilia west of the Mississippi. Our full collection is not on display, but we are constantly rotating new pieces in to keep the collection fresh. 

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