National Clean Up Day | Phenix in the Community

National Clean Up Day |  Phenix in the Community

This past Saturday, September 17, 2022, the Phenix family came together to help support our local community for National Clean Up Day. 

Starting at 9 am, we set out to clean up 5 blocks and a local park by picking up trash, disposing of large items, sweeping, clearing gutters, and cleaning graffiti. We met many members of our local community including several local business owners.

Together, we picked up 15 bags of trash, cleared gutters, and cleaned graffiti. We would like to thank Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful for their efforts to help clean up our community year round. Phenix is proud to have officially adopted a street, and we look forward to many more community clean ups!

A core value of Phenix is to leave the world a better place and we try and emulate our values in everything we do as not only an organization but also as individuals. All community events at Phenix are on a volunteer basis. We are blessed to have cultivated a culture of giving back and are incredibly grateful for all of the time and effort that our family donates to their communities. 


Want to learn more about Phenix's unique culture?

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Phenix Technology, Inc. is a Riverside-based lean manufacturer of helmets for first responders worldwide. More important than the products we produce is our amazing, award-winning work environment. The Phenix objective is for the facility to be both the land of opportunity and the most delightful place to be. We have redefined the cultural norm surrounding Mondays by making it the happiest day of the week. Come join our Phenix Family for an immersive experience and learn how people-centric lean revolutionized the company.

Every Tuesday, by appointment only, Phenix Technology, Inc. will open its doors for a fully immersive tour. 

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What is National Clean Up Day?

National Clean Up Day is global in scope and is one of several initiatives by Clean Trails to draw attention to litter solutions.  We are partnering with multiple organizations worldwide.  Clean Trails is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization and community of people dedicated to keeping the outdoors clean.  Study after study shows the highest indicator that someone will pick up litter is if they witness someone else picking up litter. That’s because peer group norms are more powerful than incentives, and together, they can provide impressive behavioral change.

Core to our beliefs is the notion that people want to do the right things; all they need is a little encouragement or incentive. We believe that people are naturally responsible; if we encourage them to care for their favorite places, to pick up after themselves and others, then our outdoor spaces will become self-sufficient, clean, and more enjoyable.

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